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Now Open!

We are now open and most everything is complete but more quality inventory is arriving daily.
We plan on having cigar events with cigar reps, free food and more activities on a regular basis. Keep checking with us so you don’t miss anything!

Cigar Store

Cigars/Whiskey Pairing

June 16th

Holy Smoke Cigars

Holy Smoke Cigars JW Kelly Pairing Event!
Thursday Night, June 16th 5 PM till 8 PM.
Ed Kohl will be here to explain the nuances of two Bourbons and two Ryes! HSC will include a great
CIGAR with which you may enjoy these fine Whiskeys. All for $30!

JW Kelly

Full Calendar

Now that we are open, we will be booking events and entertainers on selected occasions. Stay tuned for more information and the full schedule.

Cigars/Whiskey Pairing Night!

Thursday June 16thnd

Starts at 5:00 PM


We Do Private Parties

You will appreciate our Conference Room at Holy Smoke! Big enough for 8 people or so, if you actually need to have a meeting, complete with table, comfortable chairs, and (of course!) the freedom to smoke a cigar or your pipe during said meeting. If your “meeting” is the kind that needs those quotations around it, and you’re just calling it that as a slick cover, we’re good there, too! And furthermore, if you and a couple of buddies just want a little more privacy than our BIG room offers, we won’t demand any explanation. If you need a quiet place where you can hook up your chargers for your phone and/or laptop, we gotcha covered. Come on in, light up, and sit back in the Conference Room (with or without the TV on).


1459 N Mack Smith Rd. East Ridge, TN 37412


(423) 710-2436

Open Every Day

Mon - Sat:  10:00am - 8:00pm
Sun 1:00pm - 6:00pm

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