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As of January 1, 2021, the Tennessee Department of Agriculture has implemented a new state law that mirrors federal tobacco sales minimum age requirements. Public Chapter No. 732 raises the state tobacco sale minimum age required from 18 to 21.

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Our History


HSC Established in 2021

In early 2021, members of the (unofficial) Cigar Therapy Group started kicking around the idea of having their own Cigar Lounge. As these guys are rather renowned at "solving the world's problems," these talks escalated quickly. Holy Smoke Premium Cigars & Pipes was an idea that became a reality in just months. A location was secured, a partnership was formed, and on August 6th, 2021, the doors opened!


Something Special

Any shop can sell cigars. Anyone can build a Walk-In Humidor. Anybody can provide some seats...but it takes something SPECIAL to create the atmosphere that is Holy Smoke. The 2 large open-to-the-public smoking rooms are inviting - and so are the PEOPLE here. The staff and clientele alike are WELCOMING. For seasoned Cigar & Pipe Smokers, there are like-minded folks. For the Novice, there are guys and gals who will help one along in the journey.


Always something going on

It's not just 'every day smoking' over here...from Wine, Scotch, & Bourbon Tastings, to our On-Premises Gourmet Food Offerings, to Cut & Light Events sponsored by our many Brands, there's always something going on! Haircuts on the Last Friday of Every Month, Pedicures mixed in Every Few Weeks. Our EPC Business Lounge offers Memberships for those who need Office Space (where one can enjoy a Smoke while working!). We allow groups to reserve space for Meetings and other Get-Togethers (Bachelor Parties, Engagement Events, Sing-Alongs and Bible Studies are just a few!).


Your Home away from home

Whatever you might envision in YOUR perfect Cigar Lounge is probably already a reality at Holy Smoke! We are always open to suggestions on how we may better serve you.


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